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Wake up every morning
Take a coffee down
Then it's in the tube train
In the rush hour to drown
Well, your wife she fucks a neighbour
And calls you a jerk
And when you find out you go berserk
You take a poker to her
And you ram it up her arse
Then you wrap it around her skull
And then you laugh
Well, the neighbour knew you did it
And he turns you in
Now you're gonna pay for your sins
The judge calls you an animal
And says if he could
He'd give you the death sentence -
That would be good
Well, the jury don't take long to establish your guilt
After all, you are guilty, guilty, guilty to the hilt
Well, they found you in your prison cell
Hanging by the neck - your life you had wrecked
And your children they forget you when they can
And when they don't forget you, your memory
Your memory they damn
So now you're rotting in the flames of hell
With a poker rammed up your ass
And around your skull as well
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