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A is for the Anger
B is for the Bile
C is for the Caustic
nature of my smile
D, E and F are Dread,
Envy and Fear
G and H - the Greed and Hatred
I feel through the years
I is for my Ignorance
J- my jaundiced views
K is for the Knowledge
that I refuse to use
L is for the Loathing
And M for Maliciousness
And N is for the Nihilistic views
that I do express
And O is for Opportunities
That P - I Pissed away
And Q is for the Questions
from which I've run away
And R is for, R is for,
R is for my Rage
And S is for the Sarcasm
that I use from day to day
T and U are Treachery
and Underhandedness
And V is for the Violent nature
that I do express
And W, W, X, Y and Z - I'm very,
very, very, very nasty
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