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Message To Harry Manback

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fuck off fer- fer...you peice of shit
Figilio di puttana, sai che tu sei un pezzo di merda?-1
Hm? You think your cool right? Hm? Hm?
When you kicked out people out of your house
i tell you this, one of three americans die of cancer,
you know?Asshole. Your gonna be one of those.
i didn't too courage to kick your ass, directly.
Don't have enough courage for that, i could you know.
You know your gonna have another accident?
You know im involved with black magic?
Fuck you. Die. Bastard.
You think your so cool, Hm? Asshole.
And if i ever see your fucking face around,
in Europe or italy,
Well ill... That time im gonna kick your ass.
Fuck you, fucking americans, yankee.
Your gonna die outta cancer, i promise.
Deep pain.
No one does what you did to me.
You want to know something? fuck you.
I want your balls smashed, eat shit. Bastard.
Pezzo di merda, figilio di puttana.-2
I hope somebody in your family dies soon.
Crepa, pezzo di merda, e vai
a sucare cazzi su un aereo!-3

-1 Son of a bitch, do you know you are a piece of shit?
-2 pieice of shit, son of a bitch.
-3 Die piece of shit, and go sucking dicks on a plane!
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