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Inital Disturst

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Not going to fight, because you want me to.
Not going to lie, just because you do.
Not going to die in a war for you.
Not going to trust what you say or do!
Won't ask you questions, because you'll lie.

Not going to answer when you ask me why
I think you're lame you think you're sly
I won't feel sorry for you when you die
sick of the lies, sick of the spies
And working nine to five just to die
Sick of the lies, the ones I despise

Waiting - opportunity never arrives
Initial distrust - the system's corrupt
You're buried alive beneath your own lie
Initial distrust - the system will bust
You'll be left to die in your lies
Initial distrust - a system that sucks
Pathetic greed in your daily life
Initial distrust - civilize us?

Praying to gods that can't save you
From turning to dust!
Not going to say what you want to hear
Not going to change
Because you think I'm weird

Not going to live in a world of fear
Not going to quit, going to persevere
Not going to listen to what you say
Not going to play games, the ones you play
Not paying taxes to profit you
Not going to do anything for you
Sick of the lies, what is the price?
Even money corrodes distorting
What's valued in life
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