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Another Way You Can Die

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So you're caught in the night
Of a new firefight
In a jungle that's so hot that it steams

An explosion just ahead
Does announce the newly dead
Is it right to call a nightmare a dream

And the tracers probe on
And you find yourself embracing ground

And your foe is as near
As the silence you hear
As he stops to load in another round

Battles raging
It's all staging
Another way you can die

Still you know they're out there
Feel their eyes, feel their stares
Though there's not a single life can see

But you now fire back
For their tracers leave tracks
Pointing out the places where they must be

Though a gun is taken out
There's another have no doubt
And so you must continue the game

And you know in this fight
That the value of life
On the other side is not quite the same

Battles raging
It's all staging
As your mind denies
Another way you can...

I see a figure in my rifle sight
Who does not know that he's there
And as i hesitate to take his life
The ground explodes

My blood it flows
My heart is racing
Times escaping
As i feel it slowly scraping by
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