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she is the little bitch her cuts she cannot stitch the blood begins to gush and
now she knows too much she

rapes you with her mind can't leave her past behind invites you with her eyes
destroys you with her...lies

psychopathic, now you ask if things are what they seem reality is all that's
dirty underneath the clean

she loads the empty gun she fucks him just for fun she sucks her thumb to sleep
thre's nothing left to keep

she spits whats in her mouth she rips her insides out she likes to see him
bleed she bites the hand that...


reality is all the shit that makes me fuckin..scream! "there is no
escaping here"

eenie meenie minie moe what you reap is what you sew if you hollar i will know
can't let it, won't let it

gotta let it go

put on your face pretend to be brave what you don't know won't hurt you it's
too late to be saved feelin so

clean i'm feelin so clean take another look cuz things are not what they... i
don't wanna be clean
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