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Grand Ball

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Take this one overdose, take this one over
Take that one overdose, take me all over you.

Alone she bleeds out her broken heart,
Killing all dreams in every nightmare,
Dying inside every waking moment,
Lost souls, dancing in the grand ball.

Can you feel the tranquility,
Redeemers around your naked body,
Crucified with tears of disgrace,
Kisses of longing dancing on your face.

Traitors say, traitors command,
Traitors, the rule of our lives,
Meaningless and forgotten words.

Let me see you burn, let me fuel your fire,
Let me feel your body, let me see you dance,
This is your grand ball. (2x)

Take this one overdose, take this one over,
Take that one overdose, me inside of you.

Take a step forward, never look back,
Traitors say, traitors command,
Contaminate you until the day you die,
Traitors, the rule of our lives.
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