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I Wonder

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You know you take me higher almost everyday
You know I love you endlessly there in no other way
I can´t imagine no one taking you place
I can´t image looking into somebody else´s face
I know nothing last for good in this lonely world
Like a snow love melts away but even then I´ll be your girl
I know you now by heart you are breathing inside my heart
I hope that trails of this life would never brake us apart

I wonder if we´re still together many years from now
I wonder if you gonna love me the way you do right now
I wonder if I´m still your woman after all these years
Are we gonna be in love that I wonder

So easy to be happy when life is going well
You only shows your true colors when life gets to be hell
No matter what we´ll go through just wanna see us make it through
Never let nothing get to us cuz I´m in love with you
I wanna know if we´ll survive what others can´t make through
I wanna know if we stay strong
Through hard times with me and you
I wanna know if we won´t change and still remain the same
I hope we´re gonna stay loyal there is no one ever to blame

Don´t let anything come in the way between us
Don´t let anyone come in the way between us
Only time will tell how we end up in this life
I wonder if we´re still together
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