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Mind Games

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I´m waiting I´m listening
Standing at full attention
My patience is thinning
Think you forgot to mention who
Whachya think I´m dumb
I didn´t know thah you´re creeping
I´ve seenher with you and
I´m just about to bolw a fuse

You got nerve try to play with my mind
See the writinf on the wall
Like you drew me a sign
Act so cool like everything´s fine
But I know, but I know, know
But I know that´s just a lie

Don´t tell me that I´m wrong
I say you two alone
In my mind see those games that you´re playing
Don´t say that now she´s gone
I caught you on the phone
Stop right now wichya mind games babe

You´re flirting with her and
Thet shhh just so shady
I´m burning I´m hurting
I can´t believe I was naive
I bought your lies with a bow and I tie boy
I´m leaving I´m trough it
I´m just about just to blow the roof
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