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Young Money

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I'm Young Money (x17)

who the hottest niqqas out boy
could buy you niqqas out
if we really wanted
car transformin
the grill george foreman
what I payed for it
your house plus mortgage
raps boring
& you niqqas aint even toring
I just bought I a fly bitch
now that bitch torin
my swag soaring
sharper than source awards
award best horror ..TYGA monster
willy wonk ya'
welcome to my chocalate fuckers
cherry pop'em
like bubble wrap in the boxin
that girl boppa
be tweetin all the homies watch her
the only way you're gonna see me partner
my life awsome
im on so you know she
im at my zone home
girl stop cock blockin
bitch roosters on my watch
ruby sick tocklet
young money goblins
we are a fuckinq problem

I'm Young Money (x17)
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