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Look At Me

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Blame it all on me, you did nothing wrong
I was running free but it took so long
So long in fact that I
Can't remember why
I couldn't say goodbye

If you ask yourself, did I think of you
Oh so many times if you only knew
Knew how you made me feel
In dreams your kiss I'd steal
When nothing else was real

Far away from home everythings so clear
When you're all alone; no one else can hear
The loudest lonliness
Therefore I must confess
I'm full of emptiness

Full up on nothing I can call my own
I'll tell you something if only I had known
The end of every day
No matter what you say
Some how you always pay

Look at me, don't give up yet
What you see is what you get
Things just like they used to be
I've been missing you and me.
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