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Coming Down Is Calming Down

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Facing forwards, sinking in thin air
Help me to learn to breath again
I know I've lost my way
So show me
There are demons inside my head
I always let them win
I have to learn to suffocate them
The lost ask for a hand
But I can't stop, I never stop
I've been losing my footing here
I'm all mixed up in this
I need some kind of change
God make it stop, I can't make it stop
This place is getting smaller
Everything in your darkest thoughts about me might be true
I hear the words you say, I still feel nothing
I put my voice out there for you to hear
But the words never made much sense to you
I've lost my path
I'm fading fast
Time is short
Time is up
This is really my plan
To get out in one piece
Is this really your plan
To keep me lost and on my knees
I say redemption
Can someone help me hold on
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