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Hells Gates Are Opened

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[The gathering of the legion of the gladiator]

Hell's gates are opened

The church downfall, the burning of Rome
An offer to be made, to the false one dethroned
Reckless winds, storm the nights
Which tests the earth in its final fight
The serpent's rise, the fall of christ
Mercy is banned, as the last will die
Unholy war is spawn in this night
In the morning the blood is frozen of those who died

Hell's gates are opened

Hell hath no fury, praise the lord unknown
In utterly deep madness, thy king is overthrown
Deranged are the christians, as the pale lord rises
Unchained wicked demons, the slaughter god's arrived
The beggars kneel and pray for death
The sword of hell takes his head
Master, I summon thee, I usually do
Whenever we need evil, we need you

Hell's gates are opened

Call forth! The sixth and seventh gardian
Cerberus and Shub Niggurath await
The gates of hell exposed as sacrificial overdose
Commandments sworn by those who failed their way
Come forth and cleanse the world in a fallout of decay
Hell's gates are opened
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