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Which Way Will The Wind Blow

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People on the sidewalk
Making small talk
Keeping up with life
Ask no questions
Make no decisions
Just do what's right

Do you wanna runaway
Do you wanna breakaway

Someone's screamin'
Calling out for help
But everyone looks after themselves
No one cares or gives a damn
How can we live in this land

Are you looking out for you
One hand can change this world it's true
Some will stay, some must go
But do they really know

Which way will the wind blow
Which way will the seas flow
Which way with time
Which way will the world turn
Who's hand will control it in our time

With our hands on eyes
Fingers in our ears
We've been like this for too many years
Letting others do what they do
Without asking if it's good for you

Turn it round, upside down
Plug it in, turn up the sound
Let's hear what's in your head
Before it's too late to be said
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