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Keep On Ridin'

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Ride, keep on ridin'
Ride, keep on ridin'

By tomorrow morning at the early dawn,
I gotta hit the road
So long lady til another day, right now
I gotta be movin' on
Another town and the singer needs a song
I know you're on your own
I'll be back before too long
Do what I gotta do
And you know how my heart loves to run,
I gotta ride.

There's a city waiting and a railroad station
Where my face is known
And an old hotel I know so well,
It's a little bit like home
It's a situation not of my own choosing,
And though a gamblin' man would say
That I was losing
I started out to win
And I'll do it all again, I'm never givin' in
'cause if it comes down to my heart, or my pride
I'm gonna ride.

And I know you say I'm driftin' on a dream
Watch your step boy, it may not be what it seems
I just can't shake this feelin' here inside
This heart of mine just keeps tellin' me to ride, ride.
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