Texty písní Valhalla Winterbastard Towards The Unlight On Black Wings Of Death

Towards The Unlight On Black Wings Of Death

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With A Distant Sparks Fulfilled The Dome Of Nightsky...
The Nocturnal Haze Enlightened By Moonlightwaves...

Into The Chasm Of Darkness
Belost In The Stream Of Shadows
Towards The Eternal Unlight
Losing The Taste Of Life, Fallen
Into Oblivion In The Stream Of Days...
To The Cold Of Death
Immersing Into Unbeing
Sights Of Another World Shine
Through The Silent Darkness Of Nebular Nights...

I Awake
Life's Ended, man Is Dead
Away From Light
On Black Wings Of Death - Forever
My Lifeless Sight Gazed
Beyond The Flaming Horizon
Forever Now I'm Free
From Blinkers Of Fleeting Life...
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