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Mudd Munster

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Mudd Monster following me uh
It's hard but I really can't see uh
He lives inside the trees uh
Outside of New Orleans uh
He'll eat your flesh like Hannibal
Human type animal
Oh no he's after me uh
Mudd Monster psycho creature
Run, Run
No Face, no fingerprints to trace
Just like it never did take place
Bloody master psyco creature
Beware of the freak of nature
Screams of pain comin from the mud
Streams of rain up the blood
Half human half gorilla
Saskatchewan, cannibal killa

Psycho alien, stuck in my cranium
Psycho alien, leave me the fuck alone

Nowhere to run to
No one to turn to
No one to help you
Time has come to die, die, die!
Return to the dust from whence you came
The smell of blood is in the rain
And then his pleasure brings you pain
Ashes to ashes dust to dust.......
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