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Say Goodbye

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Loyalty before you dishonor your honor,
I tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen,
And now he's coming up missing,
Nothing but mother fucking friction, He's faced with,
I want to just ahhhhh, Give this matrix a face lift,
Basically he's hating me, For making G's,
Saying he's the one that got me hot,
Stabbed me in the back to get my spot,
I want his head on the chopping block,
There in the parking lot, Yeah, about to spark a shot, Blaugh Blaugh,
Homie you broke the code,
No one can trust you when I get you, no doubt,
I'm about to wet you, your mouth,
Can not protect you, I'm out, To lay you down,
Cie le vie, Say goodbye, On some Biggie Smalls shit,
it's a long kiss goodbye, Goodbye!

Good, Good, Good, Goodbye
WIth a slug in your eye
Good, Good, Good, Goodbye
Yeah, time has come to die,
Good, Good, Good, Goodbye
With a slug in your eye
Good, Good, Good, Goodbye
Time has come to die

The night falls with the smog and the fog, in the silhouette,
Somebody's peeping through your window bet,
He can see your head laying on the pillow huh,
You think your safe but your not, he's in the willow just,
Keeping the eye open thinking of ways he can get you,
We can wet you if he needs you,
We can heat you with his heater, bang bang,
As the bullets fly through the rain, bang, bang.
Then he flies away on a plane, bang, bang,
Can't you see it's simple and plain, bang, bang
Nothing left but the blood stain, So goodbye!

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