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I'm a survivor, I've been around the block
I'm a survivor I'm coming out of the box
I'm a survivor, And yet you know I won't stop
I'm a survivor, I've got this game on lock
I'm a survivor, What you got? What you got?
I'm a survivor What you got? What you got?
I'm a survivor, You don't want it!

Well, it's not about the industry, And it's
not about the things, I've been through like Nas
or jay-Z, See, I've seen a lot of things on the road
to destruction, Addicted to this rap game
standin up and bustin, This ain't a come back
this ain't a second comin, We take a real loss
when Dime Bag stopped strummin, America's in
trouble and music is dyin, They said some things
about me, now the rap game is lyin


From sold out stages, to seconds from my life, To
rollin with Madonna, to reckin on my bike,
There's some things I regret and some I don't
Some things I take back, some I won't, I went
from style of the 90s to Dickies and Shell Toes,
No matter what I'm wearin, I'm still in the hell
hole, Escpae suicide from that gun on my
dresser, I look into my daughters eyes, that
releives pressure.


First they love you, then they hate you,
Then sign you, then they break you,
Treat you like a sport, Pump fake you, then they shake you,
And I don't want your pity cause I'm far from the norm,
I can take what you give, I've done made through the storm,
I want the whole world to know me straight through my songs
Baby when I die, let the songs live on,
'Cause I'm Survivin, And you know I won't stop,
I'm Survivin, I'm coming out of the box!

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