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Cheeseburger Song

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ehem... and now its time for love songs with mr.lunt the part of the show where mr.lunt comes out and sings a love song
he said to her i would lika cheeseburger and i might like a milkshake as well she said i can,t give you either and he said isnt this burger bell she said yes it is but we are closed now but we open tomorrow at ten HE SAID I AM EXTREMLY HUNGRY but i can wait un til then
cas your his cheeseburger his yummy cheeseburger he will wait for you yah he will wait for you oh you are his cheeseburger his tasty cheeseburger he will wait for you oh he will wait for you
he stayed at the drive throu till sunrise he might have dosed off once or twice when he spotted a bill board for dennys bacon and eggs for half price how could he resist such an offer he REALLY needed something to much cheeseburger please do not get angry he will eat and be back here for lunch
cas your his cheeseburger his priceless cheeseburger be back for you he will back for you wont be so long cheeseburger oh lovely cheesseburger be back for youoo oh hell be back for you
cos he loves his cheeseburger with all his heart and there ant nothing gonna tear you to apart and if the world suddenly ran out of cheese he would get down on his hands and knees to see if someone acidentaly dropped some cheese in the dirt the he would wash it off for you wipe it up for clean that dirrty cheese of just for you
you are his cheeseburger(do that in really high voice)


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