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The Lone Deranger

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Go ahead and blame me.
I keep my head as high as I can,
but let these words answer for what I have done,
may your judgment not be too heavy upon me.

Of course I didn't know back then,
this is not the result that I hoped for.
The general misery I have brought upon you;
I did not wish for anything to happen.
Today, lets look far away from this.
Tonight no buildings will collapse
and I know this too shall pass.

Grasp your fear with both your hands, you knew that this time would come.
Write your worries in the sand, you knew that this time would come.
And I will turn my back on you, just like I always do,
just like i've always done.

We took us through the blood and sand with bloody teeth,
beaten and tired we share whats lost.
Now the moments is over.
Now that everyone has seen through my lies I cannot possibly stay,
I have to leave.
Never has a distance seemed so difficult to undertake.
I tear my camp down, brick by brick, the time has come.
I have been here before.
Now i'm back to square one,
When all these feelings had just begun.

Carelessly I wasted my chance, all for the sake of revenge.
The taste of sickness cannot be described, it slowly wears me down.
There are some things inexpressible to those that I leave behind.
Determination leads my way.

There are some things better left unsaid to those that have never seen this place.

You stand your guard and stay behind.
I face the heat alone.
I take a last look and say farewell.
You may never see me again.
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