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Eat It Suck It

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doe gang ent
bugsy on the beat bitch

he say he need that so baby imma run it got the best pussy out thats why he giving me hundreds stop bullshitting put ya muthafucking tongue in and murder my shit like a muthafucking gunman eat my pussy r ght eat it all night yeah its real tight baby keep licking til i tell you goodnight i had a goodnight lick it like ya posed to eat it like a violture eat my pussy up make me shout im ash b yall know what im about beat it up beat it up make me walk it out my pussy is the bomb niggas cant be without fool on the dick yeah i get real savage fool on a dick yeah he get real active unh on you bitches im shitting imma fucking vixen when you kiss ya boyfriend bitch my pussy what ya kissing

late night feeling freaky feenin for the dick not a fan of it cuse i know a tongue will do the trick knock knock the puss out then lick the feeling hot gushy bomb grip with my pussy he fell in love hound the pussy up i know you cant leave it taste so bomb i have you daydreaming wet dreams on the point of licking clean tongue roll real slow imma shrug and its mean he say down down with you is toot my shit real good dont choke on the dick but i had the same nigga on my nuts oh again then i"ll try again then get my nut in haha now i got his tongue sprung like a drummer on the drum eat the pussy all up til its done leave em stuck like duh on my pussy like that shit good hun that shit good hun
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