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Dutty Landlord

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A nuh everybody own House cau' di system a fraud
So da lyrics yah goes out to who have it hard
Mi waan roof over mi head, mi nuh mungrel dawg
But mi naw mek through Mr.Man have the upper hand
Him a draw card, Yuh Mad?! Hey

The buss pipe wet up the front yawd
Di house waan paint dutty landlord
Bout yuh waan raise rent yuh too hard
Fix di room dem dutty landlord
Every month end yuh come a draw card
The toilette spoil dutty landlord
Yuh nuh fix the woman front door
Bout yuh gawn go chop out a man backyard

[Verse 1:]
Comin' like say wi a wuk fi pay rent
House rent, tenament worse apartment
Land lord a talk bout two tax percent
Don't tell me dat tell the government
Hey! tell mi how mi money fi well spent
The house run dung Sanitary Deficient
Next rent day yuh a get a envelope
Wid one dollar coin and a red one cent

[Verse 2:]
Hey wha really a gwaan inna di house
Yuh waan mi use violence express mi grounds?
Mi nuh sell cheese, don't be a silly mouse
Hey one bag a termite wait a light post
Yuh tek big man place fi alms house
Mi cyaan bring a gal around cau' she woulda frowns
Hey land lord bwoy mek mi tell yuh this
Yuh see up a rent board yuh name top the list
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