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Rough Sex

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Ah baby wa your really dealin

Baby I don't wanna hurt tonite I jus wan ya take your time
Make love to me I jus want it slow and sexy listen this is how I want it

I want it slow tonite so baby dim the lights
Jus kiss me touch me tease me baby and jus hold me tight
Then look into my eyes and make me fantazie about the way you gonna take me
Der to paradise

Can I say sumthing
Aye skim it up pussy fat make me eat it up aye take buddy gyal take buddy
Gyal take buddy gyal tell me na shot now backshot instsminnot she say addy addy
Oh time out but ypu want me take it out and put it ina your mouth ee ee de pussy tight like
Tile wen it grout make me ram it ramit ram it an no take it out . don't touch me cocky cocky
Until mke me take it out

Oh can't you slow it down can u make love to me can u get off yourself and
Jus fulfil my fantasy jus let me lose my mind go to a place in time and let my body
Shake and shiver sendin up my spine

Me no ram pussy ram bush foot ina yuh bush make u feel more steam dan rice fi
Jus cook wen she say mi cocky bigger dan buffalo foot anna look and why don't u
Foot like book make u ride cocky big slim caocky make u pweek your friend ah look
Wen me say make she look come sit dong pon buddy like fridge upon a broom come wine
Come wine come wine come wine till we jook

Ah baby take your time why can't you do it slow please I'm beggin you
Slow... slow... awww

Girl I can make you cum but I'm not into slow I'll rub your pussy with my fingers till your j
Juices flow I'll kiss your niples too das all dat I will kiss nuttin smooth but a dick like this

Well u know wat fuck me!

Got me like here come ride cocky bickey gyal gime ticky like nickey
Wen me on dis light george bush din have a air stripey black pussy hair turn whitey
Bed and bring it me ah rite here day or nitey you are always invited we me affi do
To prove to you dat I care baby listen and u will...
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