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Can't Frame Me

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I'm like the tree planted by the river
Bring fort fruiting juices
U can't fight d teacher without a reason
Member when ya ah dig a pit fi do nothing else
Dig one for ya self

You can't frame me [x3]
Can't make ah jail me
You can't frame me [x3]
You can't
Dem wan see me dead fi bawl who ray who ray
Dat na go gwan today today
AAAAA to di k we spray we spray
Jahh rule my destiny [x2]

Aye notnice!

Dem ah try hard fi see me dead
Why yuh want fi see my blood shedd,
Rumor you make up like bed
Mix me up with woman and I go dead
Why yuh love bring war and strive
Yuh know want ppl pickney survive
You can't make nothing do d teacher
Yuh better insure ya lifee
Story come to bounce now
Every man pon d hater
Find out say u d real instigator
And God know
Say me never expect that
We use to par one time
And now me know yuh badmind me from long time


Aye bwoy why yuh wan man diss me for
Spread rumor bout me kill hot steppa
Teacher doh do nothing like that never
You ah set up mi life but u not clever
Memba me have life you have life too
Me have wife you have wife too
Me have gates you have gates
If me nuh safe yuh nuh safe
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