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Bring The Chopper

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[Sample x2: Gucci]
Trap kinda slow, I'm a make the trap hot

[Hook: x2]
Waka flocka flame tell [? ] bring da choppa

F-R-double E! free my nigga doe b!
Where da gangsta weed shawty where da gangstaz be
I can't really fucken see, cause I'm rollen off dis weed
This a mutha fucken tay beat, payed bout 30 grand
And my rap sheet long as shaq feet
And my neck piece green as my stacks be
I'm unhappy, disrespect whoo and frenchie or juice and gucci
Leave you wet like sum muthafucken good koochie
Hittem with da uzi, leave dat nigga whoozey
Out da passenger side dumpin off da dooley
Lights, cameraz, fucken action life is a movie
But I'm da shooter, not da fucken narrator
I'm just flocka, no runnin I'm a hit em with da choppa
Shawty from riverdale where dem boyz give you hell
No og, just my nigga runnin round town like cowboyz nigga
Waka flocka flame my name my nigga
2 pistols on me like a cowboy nigga


1-0-1-7 red bandana round my mac 11
9 o'clock 9 dealers 9 killers and 9 [? ]
8 where da 9 drop, run up in dat fuck spot
Make his fucken life stop
That's how waka flock rock
On my mama shawty hitem with da llama
[? ] like osama, black like obama
[? ]
Volume 2, screamin out fucken soowoo
Where yo white rag, throw up yo blue rag
Throw up yo black rag, throw ya yellow flag
SALUTE king tone, SALUTE og stoppey
SALUTE big kk, SALUTE bb and john
Plus pac, where dem niggaz at?
Dat waz my fucken og (FLOCKA FLOCKA)
SALUTE muthafukken oxy
Dis da intro shawty, no pad, no fucken pencil shawty
Volume 2 my nigga
Waka flocka flame and my nigga name tizzu

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