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Off Da Chain

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Aahhh yeahh (so icy ent)
Waka... Flocka
Suga shane and david blayne
David lex on the beat
It's a god damn shame
The way I do the game
I'm rnb straight drop pure cocaine
David blayne
Now you know the name
You betta hide your bitch
Before your bitch be off the chain
Of the chain
We goin insane
We bouta 100 deep when we creep
Me and waka flocka flame
So please stay in your lane
Don't let that alcohol get a hole in your brain

[Waka flocka:]
He a lab rat I can't respect a nigga (FLOCKA!)
In the super tronic goose got him wet nigga (BOW)
Boy that good pussy got a nigga sea sick (WOO)
In the club like point at what bitch (SHOOT EM)
All these hoes in the club straight chewin (CHEWIN)
Flocka what you doin riding patrick ewing (YOU)
Blowin loud kush stinkin like a fuckin skunk
Boy don't play with me burn you like a fuckin blunt (BOW)
Suga shane waka flame got em goin ham
David blayne on the hook like god damn (DAMN)
10 5 4 verse call me ol kazelle (TEXAN)
Waka flocka flame got the club goin hell
O dey do it that's the brand new single
Waka flocka flame 2 hoes let's mingle
Pop 2 pills now a nigga rollin (ROLLIN)
They cool but the rims straight stolen (FLOCKA)
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