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Blue Dress

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Meet me in the parlor
When no one is around
You'll wear your blue dress
And I'l ltake yoru hair down

Meet me in the parlor
One of the shoulder
We got early classes
But don't let it shake you

No, no, no

I promise I'll wake you

Open up my shirt
And take me in your hands now
I want to touch you, Babe
Until it knocks you out

Let's cross the interstate
Into the fields
And find our way back
In the dark

I'll take my chances with you
While we are young

Let's get into my ride
And you'd like to blow your mind
And take a drive to no where
We could listen to the White album

And sing
And sing

Living in our time
Our time is not an object
So won't you open up your eyes
And let me swim on in

Meet me in the parlor
When no one is around
It smells just like last year
Show me your anger

Hit me like you used to
We're no longer in danger
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