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My apartments round the block
Downtown there’s not much you’ve got
It was my last day at work
Don’t ask me if it does hurt.

I’ve got to walk
Cause they damaged my car
Last week at a slutty bar
Oh the rent l’m not able to pay
And my wife kicked me today.

Do yourself a good
In your neighbourhood
March along the floor and
Kill Your Neighbour...

People next-door drive me insane
What is their intention, what is their gain?
They’re disturbing me
When they’re passing my way
And it hurts
When they’re got nothing to say.

There’s nobody who’s really good
Out there in my neighbourhood
A man hurts his wife and children cry all day
I think I better blow em all away.

Do yourself a good
These were times I remember well
Things that I can hardly tell
I do repent and I have to pay
As the priest and me
Are on my last way.
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