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The Fall Of Reason

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There's a man of conviction who's all too ready for war
There's a man with a number who cannot commit murder
And a fallen idea soon becomes suicide
Fallen by a decision made without reason
We soon see that war is much too real
We soon find that reality is war
War of the senses, war of emotion
We soon fail to realize - or do we realize too soon?

An idea is fallen
A face frozen with fear
We sacrifice unity
We sacrifice safety

By agreement we fail
So by murder we swear
By a bitter mentality
The onset of war
Is the fall of reason...

War - dehumanized
War - we are fighting machines
War - attack by command
War - we fall for no reason
War - what am I fighting for?
War - what am I killing for?
War - what am I dying for?
War - why am I dying?

For a government of deception
For a country run by madmen

For the wealth of tyranny
For the safety of those who condemn

The fall of reason
Is the end of existence
The fall of reason
Is the end of existence
Is the end...
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