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My People

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In the club fucked up
I got my people with me
The hottest people in the city & I keep them with me
I'm solo, I'm cuttin' up, but now my people with me
I got my people with me, What! All my people with me [x2]

Fall off in the spot drunk as a fucking rhino
Everybody fresh, my people gon' get they shine on
Everybody buckin' ready to get up in sum shit
Everybody looking, I guess they heard we was in this bitch
They ain't no we was coming, fuck it we just had popped up
My earrings was blinging, these lights was driving my watch nuts
Haters I just mug'em, real niggas get dapped up, bitches I just hug'em
They wanna picture, we snappin' up
Nigga who is you? Look like a clown fo', you ain't with my people, then people get from round us
You know I like to be with the one who booted around us, Ain't gon' lie, I kinda got jealous
She let my round hit. That's one thang about my people, We never gon' fuss or throw 'bows
'Cause all I really got is my people ya'll already know, & I put my life up for my people
'Cause that's just how it goes, Nobody bet' not fuck with my people cause these my fuckin' folks!


The gorilla be in me so when my people be with me All that gorilla come out me I get the screaming & shouting
Although my people in jail, see we ain't trippin' about it, cause they went in for real reasons
All my people retarded, some of my people be trippin' but they my people regardless, they watch my back
When am slipping that's why I keep them around me
These my people, you probably catch us hangin' & clowin'
Ya'll can't fuck with my people because ain't no people like ours
On that drank with my people, we drank that shit by the fifth, on that dank with my people,
Mane we've done smoke by the zip, Pussy niggas look here, ya'll want no dealings with us
We got real killers with us, My people trill as the fuck, We ain't affiliated with us don't come chillin' with us
That's how these lil niggas out here be disappearing & stuff suggest that you stay from out our circle dog
I'm serious cause, We blast out & beat all the security up


We don't barely come out so you know when we do (We comin')
We gonna let the whole city know we coming thru, Gotta come in sumthin' new & that's just how it is
Fill up the V.I.P. with whips, My people riding big shit, These my people cause
They call the people thugs, Took ova the spot last week, shoulda seen how deep it was
Love how my people get it, "cause all my people give it, All the way out there for my nigga
These my people listen, They really seen my nigga mane, that's why I talk to him, I've done took lost for him
I knock you out for him, I got problems with choppas, I got friends with Mac 10s, 100 to seek them
My people since back then, My people hyped up, My people bought essence
Got trill niggas & if you didn't come with us get back then, in the club we packed in & ready to set it off
I'm in here with my people & they crazy am telling ya'll

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