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Balance Of Opinion

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[Words: Brian & Tito, Riffs: Marco & Brian]

I may go fast, you may go slow.
She might know it all,
he might not know.
We might get drink you might be straight
they could be soon, we could be late
They will like it,
but you could hate it,
Put all the pieces together and simply relate it,
Opinions are like assholes,
listen up and think,
Everybody has one and they all fucking stink,
Who is right, who is wrong?
They could be weak,
they could be strong,
Some walk proud, when others may fall,
You may be blind, but still see it all...
Some people are healthy, some people are sick
some tell the truth and ithers turn a trick,
I might push, and she might pull
We could be hungry, they could be full
Some want in, others want out
he is quiet and she is loud,
we are weird, they are normal,
we dress poorly, they dress formal,
One man's whisper is another man's yell,
Like positive and negative,
it weights out on the scale
Some heads are open, some are close minded
they see what's happening,
the others are just blinded,
Those who are concerned, those who don't give a shit,
Things don't work out right,
things go as it is

Balance of opinion

Some say "no" and some say "yes",
some under stress, I am for sure,
others just guess,
I pay alot, they pay less
Alternative is a spice of life pick what you want and do what like,
Damned if you do, damned if you don't stick to your views,
who cares if they won't.
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