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[Words: Tito, Riffs: Marco & Brian]

Alcoholics, heavyweights, listen to what I have to say,
keep paying dues and drinking brews
'cuz beer is here to stay when you wanna party and you must get high,
go to the store, it's time to fly,
buy a case, a shorty or a forty.
If your cash is low, get an import or a cheap quart.

[Chorus:] Beer-macht!

Millions every year get busted with
stricken fear for drinking and driving,
liquor thriving and puking up beer.
Intoxication, obliviation is a fun recreeation,
especially with participation through-out the nation.
Going to keggers, playing quarters, chokin' on beer bongs,
and drink and pass all got class when it comes to stinking suds!
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