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In Aeturnum

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Tearstained are the halls of my empty soul,
melancholia`s haunting call is the only one I have known.
Innocence has lead me into this void
while years eroded a youth I never enjoyed
through childhood I slept
unsheltered from the scorn
now, I`ve awakened with age to love ever lorn
forever and ever
I`ll search for the solace
which can only be found in an embrace

In throes of desolation
I prayed unto divinity
I endured the emptiness and frigid pain,
but even God had forsaken me
I prayed to find a solace for my heart bereaved
only to be forgotten by the God I once believed
now, I serve this punishment
under the ice condemned
for my loss of faith,
to hell I was damned
downfallen in inquity
desolate, I`ll be
My somber stare traverses sepulchers lonely

Eternally, my limbs sealed in place
the only shelter from the cold of the ninth circle of hell

Too see what awaits in forever
a lifeless gaze
My final endeavor
I looked through the blackened skies
and beheld the radiance of paradice
my eyes have frozen in false sancity
eternally bound, my tears have turned to ice
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