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La Mort D'Amour

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The once beautiful flower has withered and gone
it is memory`s charnel vast, that I wepeth on
lifeless, this lonely heart swoons neath my breast
for my tears bring you back, not from silent rest

Lamentation and woe, peace never shall I know
Blood less bitter be than these tears brackish with sorrow
every promise ever born, now lay broken
false words are better left asleep, on thy lips, than spoken

With autumn`s dirge, summer doth end
and dreams, like leaves, decay into the wind
pallid as the breath on which they blow
is my heart, buried neath a solemn pall of snow

This ice holds no sanctum, nor reason
for thy heart`s swift change of season
with your dying element and emotion unfold
and I, I`ll live no longer, in this cold

Sadness, unlike love, is eternal
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