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Two federal agents
From the FBI
Searching for the answers
Buried beneath the crimes
Investigation psychic activities
Paranormal incidents and strange anomalies

Bright lights from above
Lost time nine minutes down
Vanished without a trace
Nowhere to be found
Alien abductions
Contact that's been made
Like a cunning fox
Running from the hounds that chase

The truth is out there
And remember something:
Trust no one

X-iled X-iled
Driven by the guilt
From the past that's unforgiving
X-iled X-iled
It's been so long ago
That the memories are fading

Obscured by their deceit
Apology is policy
Cigarette smoking man
Government conspiracy

X-iled X-iled
Driven by the truth
And outcast by obsession
X-iled X-iled
One who seeks to find
While the other one denies
X-iled X-iled
Secret coded messages
Uncovered between the lines
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