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High mountain snow inhales smoke
There thousand years on a burning cross
Spreading its wrath upon the licking fire
Cancer on the earth is tearing it from inside

Through storm and snow!!
Through the world demise!
Lucifer, guide our way!
Through cursed fields of reality
Mourning (sic) star - be my light!

We are the elders on suicide session
Sarcastic orbiters of streaming aggression
Prophets of destiny, watching mankind

The magic of this world is dead...

My soul I won't bother to keep
It's lost many ages ago
My body I'll serve the altar of sin
I may find my peace in the high mountain snow

There comes the storm!

A black hole in the sky instead of sun
New coming dark upon the feasting flesh on earth
New era when the night is on the throne
And winds of north will ride the cliffs and fields
And lick them to the bone

"Clouds come, clouds go, and the World is sleeping eternally
No more suffering, no war, just never-ending serenity
But the One whose soul will never rest, is wandering alone
Through darkness, snow and ever frost he's searching for his home
He calls his brothers no one there, the enemies are dead
He calls the gods but the astral domes are high to hear the prayers..."
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