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War Of One

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Where are you all dogs of war?
Where are you all brave and strong?
The woods are echoing my call
Where are you all birds of prey?
Predators... ha
Humanity has turned to stone
I declare my war of one

...But I'm not alone
Power and wisdom of earth
Makes stronger my hand and my sword
...I shalll not fall
When nebula covers this world
I find my home

War of one man; bring one truth upon the world
Sword in one hand, in another crown,pPeace maker
Wolf by my side, shadow on the sun
Pride in my heart never forgive, never forget

Where are you loving sons?
Come on out to the sun
Stand aside me
Running wild with the wolf
Brother- call him...
Tear the flesh, crush the bones
To the new world order

...From the ashes of cosmic despair and confusion i rise,
In the substance of hellish revenge;
For the end of all war
Isn't victory
...Only destruction and pain...

Nebula covered all mountains and forests
Oceans and rivers had turned into ice
Gazing alone on this apocalypse wonder
Winter reins (sic) gently forever its throne...
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