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At the Gates

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Since I was born I have never before
Seen Daemon's eyes
One day I thought I can seek the forest
Search deep inside

Time has gone by as I wandered too far
Darkness and cold
Led me to run but I realized there's
Nowhere to go

If only I could find a way
The way to peace of mind
If only I was born again to turn back time

I wanna lie on a cloud in the sky
Lie with a blindfold over my eyes
Fadin' away till the old Man of Fate
Opens the Heaven's Gate

How I got home, I can only recall
Those eyes and smell
Some people say I have sold my soul and
Will go to Hell

I believe in Heaven, my soul will never die
I believe in afterlife

Strange little deal with the Evil of all
I hoped that my spirit will never fall
I've nothing more but this story to tell
Here at the gates of Hell
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