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Reduced To Silence

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Close your eyes come and fantasize
Here the story starts
All this may happen anytime
I'll tell you now

When the clouds swimming in the sky
Try to hide the sun
Low fellows, folly in their eyes
Forth as they come

Spiteful and guilty creatures
Multiply, never die
Don't be afraid, the angels
Keep the Wiseman alive

Reduced to silence
Feeling the primal fear
Reduced to silence
He is the final
Calm before the storm

Don't you try to defeat the force
They won't let you go
Don't revolt, 'cause you will behold
The mansion of stone

Watch the walls, the bloody chains to hold
All rebellious
Don't let go, got to keep the hope
Knowledge won't fall

Renegades, apostates
Look into his eyes
Man of pains never fails
Wisdom never dies
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