Texty písní Witchtrap EP: "Witching Metal" Torment In Fire

Torment In Fire

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Bloody oblation of the victims called to die
The gates of hell are open for their souls
Burning voices of fire rise from pits of hell
Unholy blasphemy to mock the god of sky

Feeble angels, covered with blood
Impure souls, torment in fire
Dogs of hell, dismember their corpses
Laws of insanity, torment in fire

Ritual of death on pentagram of blood.
Horror and pain of the faces consumed by flames.
Antichrist born from the ceremonial bitch.
A diabolic verse proclaims the victory and the gold

Burning in sin, we chant with hate our
lives of doom. The malice and the cruelty
we scream with wrath in the name of evil.
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