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Sorceress Bitch

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She was born on witching hour. The evil wrath burned in her eyes.
Her steps were guided by evil light. Celebrating full moon rites.
Sexual rites and grotesque arts. She fucked herself with Jesus' cross,
Calling all the morbid demons to drink the blood with hungry lust.

She laughed at the burning stake. She cried, she fucked,
She defiled to the insanity gods. Sorceress Bitch.
She cast spells in Salem nights. She cried, she fucked,
she defiled to the insanity gods. Sorceress Bitch.

Black mass of voodoo ritual, conjuring with human parts.
Rotten beauty and flesh decaying. She had mocked the wrath of God.
She's burned in sentence hour and the evil wrath consumed her eyes.
Her flesh was scorched by raging flames. Oh, she died for Satan's might.

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