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King Of Frauds

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How long do you have to live a lie before you've convinced everyone that it's true?
Realize that what everyone sees in you was nothing more than a wall stacked ten stories.
Just like a myth, a fable, you were talked up from ear to ear.
Each line embellished over time.
The man you are is not the man you were meant to be.
A coward.
A fake.
Keep pretending; soon enough things will crumble to the ground.
You're the king of a world you built for yourself, but nothing more than a fraud in reality.
Built on a mirage; Idolized by the masses.
If they could only see the truth they would coil in disgust.
How much longer until the pressure makes you break?
You have been exposed as the monster that you are; a prophet that deserves no praise.
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