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The Fire Of Volcanus

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To the web of sorcery we bound ourselves
In this ancient dome at midnight hour
To the voracious flames we sacrificed wisdom
Out of the chaos smoke solidified infernal power

The formula of the universe
A cult devoted to Satan

Redemption - of the concealed science
Resurrection - of the dormant spectres of Hell
Realisation - of the ever-lurking doom
The shorn lamb will be slaughtered under a bleeding moon

Visitation - to the servants of god
Celebration - for the ones strong in dark faith
Conflagration - set the ancient spirits free
In the fire of Volcanus breeds the fountain of sorcery

The climax of the ritual entrances us all
The goat rewards our forbearance
Planetary orbits grace us with propitiousness
Proving evil permanence, righteous evanescence

Hear the thundering sound...the power we all scoff
The scrolls of the scripture disappear in blue flames
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