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"The night, this night of hate
I´ll raise my sword for the darkened hatred mind"

So tired I´m drowning in the dark
Once depressed and silenced by the mind of hatred

Then I got the power of hate... pleasure
I raise the sword of my nightburnt mind

Lick the fire of hate
Scream for the might of mine
Burn your face of pretender
Sacrifice the mind of the weak

Black clouds float in the sky
The landscape once flashed
My oldest dream of fresh silence
Wild mind that grows so fast
I raise the bowl to my glowing nightburnt mind
They were sacrificed to the might of hate
An old charger marching on the wall
Holding high the flag of war


The fire in my heart...
It gives me more aggression...
Wings with blazing eyes...
Will come to take your lives...

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