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Clash Of The Titans

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(After his forces are defeated, the Duke stands alone but still.
Commanding the blue flame, who will be the victor?)

Victory, the time and place is now
Destiny, which one will survive
Blood ain't thincker than water
Braveheart tells his troops
So watch my back for sneak attack
For we shall not be fooled
Circling each other
The tension's running high
For on this day the Duke foretold
That Braveheart you will die

The Duke laughs loud
And summons up his power
A bolt, of blue
Crashes on from high
Like an arrow straight at Braveheart
He deflects it with his sword
With this the legions of the Duke
Let out a mighty roar
The ground is fried around them
And smoke it dulls the eyes
Of Braveheart as he staggers
From left and to the right

Clash of the titans
Clash of the titans
Payback time

Now, Braveheart
I have you in my grasp
The crown is mine
I'll rule this land at last
But as the Duke delivered
What he thought was the final blow
The steely gaze of Braveheart's sang
What you reap you also sow
Then from the ranks of honour
The Shield of Darkness flew
Into the hands of Braveheart
Knowing what to do

The Shield was now protecting our hero
No more the Duke could see where he did go
And as he reappered, slashing to the heart
With grave surprise of Duke Kron's face
As the sword it hit it's mark
Power and the fury arupted all around
And in the midst of smoke and fire
The Duke was finally downed

He was downed
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