Texty písní Xavier Naidoo Zwischenspiel/Alles für den Herrn Eyes are shut

Eyes are shut

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There was a time, where all felt
fine I came so close, to my personal
cloud nine
Then Right back down, I was earth-Bound
Then Right back up, this is what I found
I found Heaven - in those eyes,
what I saw - Made me rise
Rise to the stars, Ehere love was all
it was Rise to the stars, lobe was all it
was, all it was

Ref.: My Eyes are shut but I still see
What is happening to me
The beholder holds the key
lock me up or set me free
my eyes are shut but I still see
what is Happening to me
The beholder holds the Key
lock me up or set me free

For once I might be right, change my
ways ober night
realize whats right or wrong, this
life will write my song
on and on
This is what it will become, my
inspiration for so long
´Til the night sets free the Dawn
so long, so long, so long

some things may come and go
Disturbing this endless flow
and I see whats at show
I see so much more than I could know
whats making this happen to me
I must examine it all to see
cause whats happening is endlessly
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