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Forgotten Bloodlines And Empty Oaths

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We wage a war / against your gods...
Against your will / you will be ours...
Our sacrifices / will not be in vein...
Your puny existence / is all that remains!

Burning corpse / and gurgling flesh.....
Your cities will fall / a coming distress...
Our oath was broken / and now we must purge...
In blood your planet / shall be submerged!

Forgotten bloodlines / and empty oaths,
the king and your gods are no more!

Free are our brothers / no more remorse!
we've instilled the fear in your gods!

Forgotten bloodlines //// and empty oaths!

The blinding light that is our justice,
our hammer ensures your declining growth!

Hacking, slashing
ripping, bashing
body's dropping
axes chopping!
Putrid stench that is your carcass,
you pay the price for heresy!

Your blind in your own ways
we are deaf to your repenting
Your deeds are unforgivable
Your gods are weak
and fermenting!!!

Your gods are weak! And dying!

Your gods are weak! You are burning!

Created then forgotten!
Betrayed, defaced and rejected!

Lifeless for all time!
Darkness envelopes your ignorant minds!!

Our fleet exits the place
located beyond time and space!

Orbital bombardment begins,
Thousands of suns erupt on the surface!

Devices used to rape,
and cultivate your souls for indefinite storage...

Now it is your race,
that is betrayed and Forgotten!

[Chorus 2:]
The chains that enslaved,
shattered at last!
Our masters lay upon our feet....

The stars above, await our fires!
Nothing can stop us nor cause us defeat!

Forgotten Bloodlines!
And Empty Oaths.....

Two eyes that deceived us
Burned away and are no more

A new reign begins!
A galaxy for our taking.....

History repeats.
Eight swords will enslave.....
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