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Space Rot

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[Verse 1:]
Die! infestation
masses gather in hordes

omnivore into cannibals

Mothers, feasting on their offspring
while fathers disgorge

Extinction of Eternity
balance is restored

[Chorus 1:]
The hive mind sparks
its tendrils self aware

Planetary conversion
of mass, energy and despair

Feeding, off our own flesh and blood
Nothing can stop us from infecting our neighbouring stars!

[Chorus 2:]
The hive mind listens
ignoring the millions of screams

The undead and the living fighting in zero-g.

"We were Asgard!
Now we are the horde..."

A new planet among the stars, Necropolis is born!


Science gone awry
Horrid mistake...
Millions dead!
Souls raped!

Hot zones quaran-tined
and cleansed
more dead
There's too much space!

Distances between the stars take years to navigate
The hive mind and its horde have all the time they need
The undead evolve and begin to propagate
Sickening reproduction of their species, conflate

The Asgard's created this
In pursuit of Ascension and the harnessing of gravity.

You cannot stop an unstoppable force!
We were once powerful gods of the Norse!

[high pitch] Reckless use of nanotechnology
[low guttural] leads to severe evolutionary anomalies!
[high pitch] The cells they were meant to eliminate...
[low guttural] instead replicate at an exponential rate;

To the stars we seed
Laying dormant with lust
Learning that this disease,
known as death is all we need.

The freezing cold
ice pumping through our veins
A past life form
emerges from a million years of sleep.

To feed......
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