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Rituals In The Sun

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Clouds are gathered here tonight
Black rain bath the stones
Shadows fill the landscapes
Thunder echoes in the storms
Lightning rides the spheres beyond
Upon the pyramids I stare
Chants and dances reigns below
The cosmic ritual leads

Snakes encircle the universe
All pheasants are aligned
Deers runs the atmosphere
A vortex is painted up high

All pyramids on realms unknown
Draws near from the outer sides
Raise my hands and lift my soul
And soar into deeper skies

Masses rules the stances
Stars and planets collide
Serpent thrones enlighten
Chaar domain all planes

Back with a vachot and a t'un
A spear in my hand is the fruit
Dawn of the elder's truth
Dawn to seed death and cleanse
To erase the scum...in scorn
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